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The site is the property of FIDAL, a SELAS d'Avocats (French law firm a professional simplified joint stock company ) with an executive committee and a supervisory board, with capital of 6,000,000 euros, registered with the Nanterre Trade and Companies Registry, under the number 525 031 522 , having its registered office at 4,6 avenue d’Alsace, 92982 Paris La Défense Cedex.

The site editor is Régis Lassabe in his capacity as Chairman of the FIDAL Executive Committee.

The information contained on the site is provided solely for the general information of visitors and cannot replace or substitute advice or consultation of a legal, tax or any other professional nature.

Although FIDAL takes every precaution to ensure the quality and reliability of the information contained on the Site, this information is provided on an indicative basis, with no warranty, either explicit or implicit, as to its validity, completeness or recent nature. As a result of this, visitors acknowledge that they are solely and exclusively liable for the use of said information.

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FIDAL shall not be liable for the loss that results from fraudulent access by a third party that caused information disseminated on the Site to be modified.

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